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Child Safety in Your Home

Keeping your children safe
Everywhere you turn there is a risk of an accident. So we are here to help. We have put together some tips on preventing accidents in your home and how to make your child aware of accidents and dangers outside the home.

Fires, burns and scalds:
Have smoke alarms fitted in your home. In your hallway and up stairs. Don`t fit them near kitchens or bathrooms, because of steam and smoke.

Check your smoke alarm every month to make sure the batteries don`t need changing.

Make sure that if there was a fire you could get out of the house. This may sound over the top but have a monthly fire drill. As most fires occur during the night, get all the family to lie in bed. Now pretend there is a fire. You have to get the whole family out the house so try different ways. Your family might think you are barmy but doing this will save life's.

All irons, kettles should be out the reach of children. And if they have long cords cut them down so they can`t be pulled over.

Buy a fire guard for your fire and never leave small children a lone in a room where a fire is on.

Use the back hobs when cooking and don`t let pan handles hang over the side of your cooker. You could invest in a cooker guard.

Don`t leave hot beverages where children can get at them. And never carry a child/baby when you have a hot drink in your hand.

Always run the cold water first when bathing your child. This will stop them burning if they fall or climb into the bath.

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