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Baby`s development
At five months

Your baby is now learning new tastes and not just with food. He is wanting to explore his surroundings and will get frustrated when he can`t grab at something. This is a great stage in your baby`s development. He is stronger and is fully aware of those around him.

Your baby`s sight is now fully complete and is now able to focus properly on an object allowing him to grab things first attempt.

Your baby is now exploring new tastes and will be getting into a lot of mess not to mention the kitchen floor. If bottle feeding alternate his drinks with baby juices.

He will have discovered his feet by now and will probably like the taste of his toes. (Don`t worry all baby`s suck their toes). Everything he sees now is an adventure to him. Give him different colour and shaped objects to play with.

Physically he can now hold is own head and will sit unsupported when rested against some pillows. He will now be trying to roll around the floor and if left long enough he might make it from one end of the room to the other. He can now support his full weight when held in a standing position.

Your baby will now let you know when he is not happy with something or apposite if he really likes something. If he doesn`t like something he will show you by pushing the object away. But if your baby is happy she will show with big smiles and and lots of laughter.

Your baby will constantly be making babbling noises and will try to mimic what you are saying. He might even be able to say ma or da at this stage.

Your baby`s sleep pattern should be quite constant now with a few short naps during the day and sleeping all through the night but don`t worry if he tends to stir or awakes then let him settle himself or if he is finding it hard to settle soothe him by gently rocking him or singing him his favourite song.

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