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Baby`s development
At four months

At four months old your baby is beginning to form his own personality. He is now settled in his surroundings and knows everyone around him. He will be making more noises now and will be reaching out to greet you every time you enter the room.

Your baby is now able to see things at a greater distance then before and will be amazed if watching the TV.

Milk will no longer be enough for you baby`s growing appetite you may want to start introducing a variety of foods. Start off slowly and remember your baby will not like all foods so don`t take this as a sign that he does not want to eat. Instead each meal time try him with something different until you have found the food that he likes.

His hands are the only way he can grasp what is around him. If you place a small object on his stomach he will try to grab it. If you give him a rattle he will shake it and will be fascinated by the noise that it makes.

Physically your baby is getting stronger each day and can control his heads movement. Lie him on his back and he will be able to roll onto his stomach. Your baby can now sit up right when supported without his head dropping.

Your baby is learning to communicate with you through little gurgling noises and facial expressions. He will mimic any mouth movements and is trying to talk back to you and will repeatedly open and close his mouth like a fish.

There are many things that you can do to help your baby to develop and learn:
Sit him in a bouncer with a play gym over it.
Give him toys that are colourful and that have things on that he can feel and grab at.
Give him a mirror he will be amazed with his own reflection.
Play him music. You may even hear him making noises to fit in with the rhythm of the music.
Put the telly on for half an hour while you do the dishes or have a little break.

Your baby will now be getting into a sleeping pattern and most baby`s at four month old sleep throughout the night for up to nine hours. Which means that you will be able to predict his sleeping pattern during the day usually in the morning and late afternoon for two hours at a time.

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