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Baby`s development
At three months

Your baby is now beginning to settle into a regular routine. You will be able to time his feeds, his sleep and this means that you have the choice to help change the pattern to suit you. If you want your baby to sleep more at night you will be able to keep him awake longer during the day. You will also notice more changes to your baby such as laughing, holding objects for longer periods of time, trying to chew on objects and not to mention that this is when your baby`s crying eases. (Ah heaven).

Your baby can see objects from 15 to 20 feet away and can focus on objects held 16+ inches above his face.

You will be increasing your baby`s food now and you may even want to start your baby on solids. Yogurts, mashed bananas and baby food will not harm your baby but if he is not ready then don`t force him he may be happy with just breast milk or formula. Talk to your health visitor before you decide on put your baby on solids.

Your baby now knows what his hands are and will be using them all the time, sucking his thumb, trying to grasp at objects and pulling at your hair. He can bring his hands together and likes to watch his hands.

Lie your baby on your chest and he will try lifting himself up to look over your shoulders. He will try shuffling around the floor when placed on his front. Sits erect when supported at the hips. When lying on his back he will constantly be kicking his legs and flapping his arms about. With a mighty effort, baby can raise his chest, supported by his arms, when he lies on his stomach. He can put weight on his legs when held up right.

Your baby is now responding to all of your reactions. Smile at him and he will smile back make himlaugh and he won`t be able to stop. He is also able to mimic your actions, stick your tongue out and he will do the same. He also knows who everyone is in his environment he certainly knows his mother, father and any siblings and even grandparents that are in his life a lot.

At this point you might want to start thinking of letting others help you out. Let your partner bath, feed, settle baby. Let your family and friends help you. Remember you also need lots of rest and as your baby grows he will demand more of your time

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