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I just recently had a baby daughter and decided to share some of my experiences for new parents. DISCLAIMER: This page is in no way medical advice or anything of the sort. This is one guys opinion and you should take responsibility for yourself!


"The shakes" - We read a lot of books and attended classes and nobody told us the mother would likely have "the shakes" during the process. A little upsetting if you are not sure why it is happening...

Formula & Feeding
You don't need a complicated breast pump. A hand operated one from Avent is the one we use. Works better than the electric one we received as a gift.

Babies will develop a taste for a type of formula. Our baby prefers enfamil (or breast milk). It seems to dissolve better in water as well. Remember that all baby formula makes great coffee creamer!

What to Save
Save your wipes boxes! - These make great containers for mittens, little socks, washcloths, and spit up towels!
What you need
Clothes that snap in front! Anything that pulls over the head is bad news!! Also, the outfits that snap in the back are not that good, since you have to roll them over. Anything over the head or rolling them over may throw the little one into a crying spree.
A changing tower. Great for changing and bathing baby. Don't assume you can do this on the bed or in the crib. Your back will pay for it, even if you are in shape!!!
A car seat that snap in and out without unbelting. We have one which also snaps into the stroller. This is great for when she is sleeping, since you don't have to wake her from the car seat to the stroller. She actually sleeps better some nights in the car seat than she does in the crib... Also, make an appointment with your local police department or fire department to check the installation of the safety seat. Most seats are not installed correctly!
Blue diaper papers - If you work in a lab you know what I am talking about! These are blue papers you spread across the lab benches to prevent spills. I found that the hospital uses them as well. Makes a great disposable to put under baby when changing!
A bottle drying rack - Preferably with storage drawers for the nipples and other accessories.
What you don't need
A bottle warmer - A little warm water in a cup will normally heat the bottle just fine.
A bottle sterilizer - A big pot of water boiling on the stove does just fine. We received one and have yet to use it. 2005. All Rights Reserved.