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Romantic sites on the Internet

by Colleen Moulding
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Love makes the world go round and the web too it seems. There is lots on the Internet for romantics. You can learn to flirt, get relationship advice, send e-cards to your loved one, find out all about diamonds or cook up a Valentine's Day feast!

Flirt Zone

Learn how to flirt at Flirt Zone, the flirting academy. Flirting articles and tips, workshops, personal coaching, newsletter and social events. It could just change your life.

Romance Net

Romantic book publishers Harlequin have put together this site that includes a seasonal online magazine In Love. It is currently running articles such as Hibernate In Bed, Updo's and Don'ts hairstyling advice, I Love You translator and Cool Things To Do Outside. Also horoscopes, online serials, book reviews, deals and bestsellers.

Your love, romance and relationship community. Features, stories and poems on all aspects of relationships including teen, cyber, age gap and long distance. Also diaries, horoscopes, personals, ideas and newsletters.

Lovely free Valentine's Day wallpaper and screensavers at, plus Valentine's Day and romance, parties, crafts and recipes, Romance in literature, send flowers or gifts, find a Valentine and lots more.

A whole site especially for Valentine's Day. Read the best and worst chat up lines, find a lost love, read classic love letters and send animated e-cards.

Musical Valentines

Free modern style musical e-cards from Blue Mountain Arts. Also check out the animated flowers and the send a hug section.

Valentine Graphics

Lovely backgrounds, bars, borders and graphic sets to use on your web pages.

Valentine's Day Recipes

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, chocolate covered strawberries with champagne, hearts filled with love cookies, chocolate surprise and Victorian gingerbread valentines should do the trick.

Diamond Information Center

Beautiful site from De Beer with all the gen on the gems. Find out how to care for diamonds, famous diamonds such as the Hope diamond or the 69.42 carat pear shaped Taylor-Burton diamond, men's diamonds, the two months salary guideline and lots more.

Cupid's Cove

Fun Valentine's site. Read stories of online romance, give internet valentine coupons, play the heart sweeper game, enter the kissing booth, cook love recipes and send a letter to Cupid.

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