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I just recently had a baby daughter and went searching around the net for free baby stuff, so I decided to put them up here. I will add more as I find them!

BabytoBe - is the premier destination for prenatal moms and their families to sign up for free product samples from top advertisers.

Cash for College (You better start a 529 plan now!)
BabyMint Save for baby's college when you shop with Babymint! A free college savings program for your baby.
Upromise Get college savings when you buy gas, groceries, and more every day. With Upromise, thousands of companies give you back part of your spending for college. Purchases are tracked from credit cards and loyalty cards.
Motherwear Maternity wear and nursing clothes. Check here for baby related catalogs!
Diapers & Wipes
Drypers FREE Drypers goodie pack & baby coupons.
GoodNites Coupon for GoodNites overnight diapers
Huggies Free baby coupons and samples from Huggies.
Huggies Win a free years worth of diapers from Huggies (one entry per week).
Pampers Free Pampers coupons and samples.
Food & Formula TIP - If your baby doesn't like a certain brand of formula - it makes great coffee creamer!
Carnation Sign up for the Very Best Baby magazine and get coupons from Carnation. Other nice tools as well on this site.
Enfalac Baby Coupons and formula samples from Enfalac (Canada only)
Enfamil Join the family beginnings program and get free coupons (US only)
Gerber $50 worth of baby coupons and free baby stuff from Gerber.
Similac Baby coupons and free baby stuff from the Similac welcome addition club.
Wyeth Nutrition Call the 800 number on this webpage for a coupon for a free store brand version of formula.
American Baby A free subscription for one year to new parents just for joining their website.
Baby Talk Magazine BabyTalk has all the information expectant and new parents want and need from health and safety issues to the latest and greatest products for baby.
Baby Photo Contest Enter your baby pictures into this Photo Contest and win hundreds of dollars in cash and prizes. Free Entry!
Babies Online Lots of Free Stuff For New & Expectant parents!
Free Circus Tickets Every child born during the past 12 months and living in the United States (the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii) is entitled to receive his or her first ticket to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey-- absolutely free.
Pregnancy Calendar Track your pregnancy week by week with this free pregnancy journal and calendar! Show off your expanding tummy to friends and family around the world!
Free Baby Webpage Create a web page for your baby (or belly) for free! 2005. All Rights Reserved.