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Asking for a raise
When, how, and how much?

You've been working at a place for a while and proving your worth, and it's dawned on you that you should ask your boss for a raise. There are right ways to do this and wrong ways. Here are some things to consider.

The first thing you must ask yourself is do you deserve a raise? Are you an asset to the company? Have you increased profit turnovers? If you have answered yes to these than you definitely deserve a pay rise.

Stay positive. Make sure you come up with a good reason for asking for a raise. Perhaps you're working harder than everyone else. Maybe you're bringing in more money than others. A good reason for a raise does not include the reason that "you've been there a long time." While time of service is important, you need to prove your worth.

Think carefully first about when the best time is to approach your boss. You don't want to ask for money the day after your company is going through some downsizing. Wait for good news. If you've recently had a run-in with your supervisor for one reason or another, now is not the right time, either. You want to be asking for a raise when conditions are right both for your particular situation and for the situation of your company. Try to strike at a time when profits are up, or just after you've finished a major project that made the department look good.

Approaching the subject
Have a basic plan ready. Focus on all your accomplishments, any new business that you have brought to the company, how you've made your department and, ideally, your boss, shine. Have you put in a lot of over time? (we don`t mean the week before you are about to be asking for a raise).

Your raises and promotions will come more quickly if actually have a good track record and you've put in long hours and shown the creativity that fuel raises.

The question of money
Take your time and do your research before you even think of asking for a raise. The worse thing you can do is ask for an unrealistic pay rise or worse still not know how much to ask for.

Do your research

Research salary information. Find out how much other people in your position would or do make. Know how much you should be paid. If you can take any kind of documentation or maybe even a quote in with you when you approach your boss for a raise, that may prove helpful.

Check newspaper ads, the Internet or even the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as simply talking to people to find out how much you deserve to be earning.

Don`t sound desperate
You are asking for a raise so you think you deserve one. But what ever you do don`t sound desperate. Be aggressive. When you talk with your boss about a raise, talk as if you absolutely, undoubtedly deserve the raise. Above all, never talk about any debts that you have this will make you come across unprofessional.

Most important
Don't use an ultimatum, unless you're prepared to follow through. If you are going to say you'll quit if you don't get the raise, be prepared to quit.

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