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Cancun Beaches

Coral Sand

Unlike beaches in most parts of the world, the beaches in Cancun are made of crushed coral rather than crushed rocks. On the up side, it makes a nice white sand beach and the coral stays cool even in the summer so you won't burn your feet. On the down side this type of sand clings like crazy, so be sure to take a quick shower after leaving the beach!

Hotel zone

The entire hotel zone is really one long beach. You will have a hard time finding a hotel that does not have a good beachfront. The beaches below are from north to south along the hotel zone.

Las Perlas - Good swimming and water sports here with nearby restaurants and bars.

cancun beaches sunrise

cancun beaches bird

Juventud - Good swimming and water sports here.

Linda - Good swiming here and also is close to downtown. Has changing rooms and nearby restaurants.

Langosta - Excellent swimming with several nearby restaurants and bars.

Tortugas - Entrance next to Fat Tuesday's. Good for swimming and water sports. Nearby restauraunts. This beach seemed to attract most of the locals.

Caracol - Entrance through Xcaret bus terminal. This one is ideal for the kids since the flat shallow run up to the beach provides a nice break for the waves.

Chac Mool - Entrance is across the street from Seņor Frog's. Has a changing area and nearby restauraunts. The currents here are pretty strong here, so use caution when swimming. The sand here is very fine.

Marlin - Entrance behind Kukulcan Plaza shopping center. Like Ballenas and Delfines, this beach is good for sunbathing and the views, but the currents were quite strong.

Ballenas - Public entrance is to the side of the Meridien Hotel wall. Like Delfines and Marlin, this beach is good for sunbathing and the view, but we found the currents here to be quite strong.

Delfines - Like Ballenas and Marlin, this beach is good for sunbathing and the views, but the currents were quite strong. Come prepared as there is nothing for ammenities but some carved stone benches. It does offer a nice isolation from the busier beaches.

South of the hotel zone - South of the hotel zone the beaches are nice onshore but there is a lot of seaweed and murky water until you get well south of the Moon Palace.

cancun beaches

cancun beaches sunrise

Some things to remember

While all beaches in Cancun are public property, many developers design the hotels to limit public access and you may not be able to cross private property or use property of the hotels (chairs, etc.) while on the beach.

Many of the beaches have strong currents so try not to go swimming alone.

Warning flags

Black flag: Don't swim, too dangerous.

Red flag: Use caution, dangerous. 2005. All Rights Reserved.