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Search Engine Secrets

by B. Delepierre

Before I start explaining you how you could get a better listing I want to tell you that search engines aren't gods : Lots of people are spending too much time on getting a better listing...
Of course when done properly it can generate a significant amount of traffic for almost no cost. It will take a little time and effort though. But, the pay off can be multiplied times over.

There are about one billion web sites, with more being added daily. And already a couple of millions don't get listed at all as a great many of them fail to use proper meta tags. These meta tags are used by search bots to index your site.

Here are a few tips and tricks

1. Use your most common keywords in the title. Most search engines will add more value to these words .

2. Use the plural form of your keyword. (example: "classifieds",
instead of only "classified". When someone is looking for classified ads your site will get a better ranking. Also suppose someone uses classifieds and you only have classified ads...This will be a loss of keywords...

3. Use both upper and lower case spellings of your keywords.(example: classifieds; Classifieds, CLASSIFIEDS. Some missspellings can help too but generally only these 3 forms should be present...

4. Use combinations of your targeted keywords. People generally search using phrases containing two or more keywords. (example: "storage facilities", "classifieds site ").

5. Don't forget to use meta-tags Many search engines index your site by the meta tags. These go between the <head></head>
tags in your html and will not show on your web page.

This should should be a standard HTML heading on each page...

<TITLE>your title goes here</TITLE>
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="your page description">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="your keywords go here">

6. Use a good combination of your 10 to 20 best keywords .
Keyword rich text is often the deciding factor in your
ranking. HINT: Try to use your strongest keyword at the start of each paragraph and/or search phrases early in the text if
possible .

7. Fill the ALT tag in your image links with keywords.
Get more keywords..
8. Every page of your site should be registered with the search engines, not just the title page. But nowadays search engines crawl trough your page so you don't have to submit each page separately...If you do so you will be concidered as a spammer and you will be banned from the list...

9. I also want to warn you for keyword spamming : keyword spamming is a technique that some
people have used in the past to gain good ranking. It's done by repeating your keywords over and over. Then changing the color of the text to match the background of the page.
Many search engines will penalize you if you are caught doing this.However again : there are tricks of course to avoid this...

10. If you really want to ensure a good rating than I suggest that you create a customized page for each big search engine adapted to that search engines criteria...This will take some time but, once completed can dramatically improve your rankings...

Article by B. Delepierre.

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