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Introduction to Winning Contests - You Can Scoop Big Competition Prizes

Says comping expert Lynne Suzanne, who's won TWO cars, world-wide holidays, TV's, videos, cameras...

Road to Riches
A win-teresting leisure pursuit is sweeping the country - comping. Mums, dads, children and grandparents are winning - holidays, cars, computers, sports equipment, toys, games and goods for your home. The list goes on and on.

`Can you imagine the thrill when you open a letter: `Congratulations, you have won...' says Lynne, who's prizes include two new cars and world-wide holidays.

`Every day there are thousands of pounds worth of prizes just waiting to be won.'

Lady Luck
`I never win anything', is a common cry. Well now you can increase your chances of success. Have a flutter on the National Lottery and you've an approximate 14 million to one chance (UK) of winning the jackpot. Enter a nation-wide supermarket prize draw and your chances increase to several thousands to one. Post your prize draw entry in a local in-store box and success looms nearer.

Join the Winners
You'll need some entry forms to get started and you can find these everywhere - supermarkets, chain stores, chemists, banks, service stations, garden centres, restaurants, railway stations and airports. Entry forms come in all shapes and sizes from leaflets to pub drip mats, product labels and collars around bottle necks.

Types of competitions are as varied as their entry forms, ranging from crosswords, anagrams, quizzes, guess-timations, captions, slogans, even colouring competitions for your children.

`I won a four-star family holiday to Miami with Everglade trips and car hire by answering three simple questions on a postcard. Mine was the first all-correct entry drawn', reveals Lynne. Just imagine, you could jet away for the price of a postcard and stamp!

You increase your chances of success by entering slogan competitions. You may have seen these - `I buy my plants from this garden centre because...'

There's a knack to writing these. It's all down to word play and the ability to catch the judges' eye with short simple phrases. How about: `They offer tree-mendous value at every branch!'  Or: `They're hoe, sow, good!' Hope you're `twig-ing' on!

`Since learning this skill, I've had my home professionally decorated, kitchen equipped with gadgets and marvelled at Venezuela's Angel Falls', adds Lynne.

`Making 1,284 words from the car name won me a Proton Persona', she adds, `whilst turning the store's advertising slogan around netted me a Ford Fiesta'.

`Christmas goodies, exciting show, supermarket's quality, I'm all aglow'.

Ten words for a brand new car!

All you need to get on the prize-winning trail are some entry forms, postcards, envelopes, stamps, access to your local library, a little `know-how' and a positive `I can win' attitude!

Lynne's Hot Tips

1. Enter all prize draws - pure luck but some-one wins
2. Enter local prize draws - they attract less entries than national draws
3. Visit stores on a regular basis to collect your competition entry forms
4. Be a `Sherlock Holmes'. Search for those elusive entry forms - they attract less entries, increasing your chances of winning
5. Remember the compers saying: "Harder to enter - easier to win"
6. Post your competitions at least a week before the closing date
7. Tune into radio, TV shows and Internet for even more contests
8. Be positive - believe you can win - and you will
9. Learn the skills for success
10. Read, study, visualise and practice (r.s.v.p)

Copyright 2002 Lynne Suzanne

About the author
Lynne Suzanne is a freelance writer, consultant and speaker. She has written four books on winning prize competitions and slogan writing and presents Win With Lynne Roadshows and marketing seminars. FREE Win With Lynne Expert Guide to Winning competition prizes 2005. All Rights Reserved.