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How to win contests!
Contests on the internet are not a waste of time! I have won lots of stuff online! Yes, even from the lottos! Haven't scored a big one yet, but I won several Playstation 2 games (that I exchanged for a video camera). I've also won a lot of things with off-line contests. If you want the tricks on how to win snail mail and prize draw contests, see below to check out these articles from Lynne Suzanne, who has won a wealth of prizes including two cars and world-wide holidays, shows YOU how to win contests!!!

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A Winteresting Pastime - Part 3 You can increase your chances for winning contests.

A Winteresting Pastime - Part 4 When you dream of winning contests.

A Winteresting Pastime - Part 5 Learn how to win contests. 2005. All Rights Reserved.