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A Winteresting Pastime - Part 3

By Lynne Suzanne

Lynne cruises through some ideas to help you win...

You can increase your chances of winning   by entering  those competitions where you are asked to complete a tiebreaker sentence for example:  “I'd like to win a holiday because...”

Gain inspiration by writing down as many apt and relevant words as you can think of,   for example:

plane, flying, clouds, wings, cruise ships, islands, exotic, palm trees, sun, sandy beaches. 

You may find a dictionary or thesaurus useful for ideas.

Underline any words which have double meaning and can lend themselves to word play for instance: plane, as in:

 “It's `plane' when seeking sunshine and  leisure, they provide my passport to holiday pleasure'.”

Travelling by ferry and what better to say than:

”Winning this prize is a ferry tale come true!”

Make your tiebreakers eye-catching by adapting words to suit the  promoter's product.    For Italian pasta you could say:

 “It's `plane' when seeking sunshine and  leisure, they provide my `pasta - port' to   holiday pleasure'.”

 To ensure you catch the judge's eye, always emphasise your word play with inverted commas.

Try writing your tiebreakers with a touch of humour  for instance: 

”I’d like to win this holiday because… then I'd get away with words!”

When the holiday is to a specific location make a list of related words for instance:

Amsterdam, clogs, tulips, windmills, Netherlands.

Use ideas in your tiebreakers for example:

”I'd like to eat product in Amsterdam because...”   

”I’d nether-land a better brand”

Use the word capital and you could adapt your tiebreaker to suit most capital cities, as in:

”Paris is a capital place to be!”

Like any other hobby the more you practice the easier it becomes.

And there I rest my case! 

Wow!  That would make a great tiebreaker for a travel contest!

Part 4...

Copyright 2002  Lynne Suzanne

About the author
Lynne Suzanne is a freelance writer, consultant and speaker. She has written four books on winning prize competitions and slogan writing and presents Win With Lynne Roadshows and marketing seminars.
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