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Contest Beginner Frequently Asked Questions

by Lynne Suzanne

What is a comper?

Why can't I find the entry form in my store... ?

Where can I find out about current competitions...?

Can I make multiple entries to competitions?

What is a LWE?

What is a qualifier or POP?

Should I use plain white or picture postcards for prize draws?

Can I use labels for my name and address?

What is a handling house?

Are their any books, clubs and events to help me win cars and holidays and write winning slogans?


Some-one who enters competitions.

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Why can't I find my entry form...

Stores may not have the entry form because:   a) stocks have depleted  b) entry forms have been removed from display   c) they only stock the qualifying product at larger branches  d) their branch is not taking part in the promotion

Lynne's Tip: Ask at customer services for assistance.  Some entry forms have a shelf life of around three weeks for example: (small print) `Display until March 31. Contest ends April 20'. Visit stores regularly to collect your entry forms.

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Where can I find out about current competitions ?

Join Win With Lynne Intacomps Competition Club to help you find your entry forms in UK high street stores. Includes solutionist advice and Lynne's Slogan Tips, like this one which won a car: `Tempting tastes and brand new wheels, celebrating in luxury really appeals'. Extract from Intacomps Shopping List

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Can I make multiple entries ?

Always read competition rules on the entry form to ascertain whether multiple entries are allowed.  You may be limited to one entry per person or one per household.  Sounds obvious, but submitting multiple entries to a one per household contest is the quickest way of ensuring your entry is eliminated. From my judging experience, up to 25% of entries are disqualified for some infringement of the rules, i.e. illegible entries, ommission of name and address (don't laugh, it often happens!), multiple entries when not allowed, incorrect answers to competition questions.

Lynne's Tip: When posting multiple entries for `first out of the hat' prize draws,  should the rules permit, then do spread your entries out, for example: post one every Monday for the duration for the draw. 

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What is a LWE ?

Long white envelope. Most `Congratulations you have won' letters arrive in long white envelopes. LWE has become a term used to mean prize-winning notifications.

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What is a qualifier or POP ?

Proof of Purchase or Qualifier. This can be a till receipt showing the item(s) you have purchased, which qualifies you to enter the competition.   Hence the compers term `qualifier' or quallie'.  A `pop' can also be a barcode, logo cut from package, bottle top or ring pull.

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Picture postcards / plain white postcards ?

When  competition rules state `entries on the back of a postcard' or `entries on a plain postcard', we suggest you use a standard size plain white postcard.  When competition rules state `send your details on a postcard', we leave the choice to you.  

Some competition judges randomly pick `blind', others choose `bright colours / pretty pictures', others opt for plain white cards. It really is `the luck of the draw'.    The choice is yours.

Lynne's Tip:  Picture postcards - print the name of the recipient on the right hand side. Turn the postcard from horizontal to vertical and print your name and address in the space below.  This helps prevent your postcard being returned back to you in the post.

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Can I use labels..?

Read the rules on the entry form. When it says `write your name and address', then print clearly in ink. When it says `add, or send, your details', then either print or use a name and address label.   For entry forms with tasks and tiebreakers we always print.  We only use labels when the task is to send your name and address for a prize draws, after checking the rules.  The choice is yours.

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What is a handling house ?

A handling house is a company who `handles' competitions on behalf of their clients. This may include handling the competition right through to the prize notification or they may handle the competition until the judging of the tiebreaker, when it may be passed to the promoter.   There is always an independent judge(s) present.

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Are there are any books, clubs and events to help me win?

Books to help you win prizes
Win Your Fortune in Prizes by Lynne Suzanne - All you need to know to win cars, holidays. Comphrensive guide to winning prizes.  Hardback 24.95 inc UK p&p

Pun-ch Lines!  by Lynne Suzanne & Dee Tracy. Over 4,000 puns, headlines, word play, captions and inspirational slogan ideas to help you win prizes   Paperback 21.50 inc UK p&p

Win With Lynne Simply Slogans by Lynne Suzanne. NOW SOLD OUT. Revised and reprinted as Win Your Fortune in Prizes.

Win With Lynne Intaslogans  - series of booklets by Lynne Suzanne. Inspirational slogan ideas all ready for you to use or adapt for your tiebreaker competitions. Seven titles, 32 pages, paperback 6 each  Or 7 for 37.50

Books available direct from publishers, L A Publications, Dept WWL, PO Box 11, Skegness, Lincolnshire PE25 3QH, or from any good bookshop. Tel: Linda at Wedgwood Distribuuters (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm UK time)  01754 769135.

Win With Lynne Intacomps Competition Club
Intacomps Competition Club - Newsmags, events, helping members to win prizes.

Win With Lynne Events
Win With Lynne presents a variety of Events:  Roadshows, Fundays, Win With Lynne Weekends, Pun-ch Lines slogan writing days and after-dinner talks. 
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Lynne Suzanne is a freelance writer, consultant and speaker. She has written four books on winning prize competitions and slogan writing and presents Win With Lynne Roadshows and marketing seminars.
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