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Jest for Pun...

by Lynne Suzanne

Words, puns and headlines you use in your slogans to win holidays, cars and exciting prizes can also reap rewards as successful business slogans too.

Computer company? Or to win yourself a computer, how about:

"I buy computers from X store because... customers `enter', `save' and `return'!

Fancy a cup of coffee?  It's not a `mugs gain' when you use Pun-ch Lines! like this:

Coffee every Thirst-day morning!

You'll find the `blends justify the beans' when you're awarded a `sip-loma' for your slogans!

Here's two ideas from each of the 43 categories of puns, word play and slogan inspiration you'll find in Lynne Suzanne's prize winning book Pun-ch Lines!

Animal Kingdom
Gnu dimension in
No point lion to you


Baby steals the show
From here to maternity

Books & Stationery
Puts knowing into going
Results are pen-ding

Cameras & Films
Giving it your best shot
Scene the difference

Cinemas, Movies & Theatre
Just the ticket
To my horror

Mould-ed into success
Reflect-ing our image

Type the slate clean
Wired up for

Pack-ful of fun
You can-nut be serious

Cosmetics & Perfumes
Odour-whelming value
Wins hands down

Do It Yourself
Full of shelf confidence
Plane to see

Drinks - Beers & Lagers
Kicks your thirst
Top of the hops

Drinks - Beverages
Don't leaf me this way
Tea-se made for you

Drinks - Soft Drinks
Burst into song
Juice the tonic you need

Drinks - Wines & Spirits
Grin and tonic
It's still the best

Electrical Appliances
Hob nob with the best
Steam-ing good value

Financial Products
Bank on our service
Never a-loan with

Food - Bakery & Cereals
More follows a great cereal
Toast-ing bride and groom

Food - Dairy
Spread-ing the moos
Tastes just grate

Food - Desserts
Cater for your needs
In the lick of time

Food - Fish
Fin-k about it
When the chips are down

Food - Fruit & Veg
Back to the roots
Pick-ing up where you left off

Food - Healthy Eating
Figure it out
Waist not, want not

Food - Meat
Pork-u-pine for
On the tip of my tongue

Food Sugar & Spice
Pay at the dill
Sauce of inspiration

Footwear & Luggage
Case dismissed
Step to it

Borders on the edge of
Cut above the rest

Barber her than me
Set in its ways

Health & Fitness
Ego food
Slim n' trim

Holiday Hotspots
Broaden your horizons
Weather or not

Home Products
Handles like a dream
Top of the mops

On the stroke of
Worth its weight in gold

Laundry Products
Drying is a breeze
Keeps me hanging on

Cutting corners
In the head-lights

It de-trend-s on you
Leaves no tone unturned

Sports - Ball Games
Hole lot better for
Tee and biscuits

Sports - Non-Ball Games
Rope-d into
Under starters orders

Always a shade better than
No glare-ing mistakes

History in the making
Present-ing the facts

Foam-ing the streets
Load of flannel

Toys & Games
In a roundabout way
Kept in the park

All aboard to
Leave landing lights on

TV, Satellite, Video
Gains a good reception
Reaching great volumes

Pun-ch Lines!

Copyright 2002 Lynne Suzanne

About the author
Lynne Suzanne is a freelance writer, consultant and speaker. She has written four books on winning prize competitions and slogan writing and presents Win With Lynne Roadshows and marketing seminars. FREE Win With Lynne Expert Guide to Winning competition prizes 2005. All Rights Reserved.